Direct Selling for Charity

Welcome. As a charity administrator, you can add or remove eBay Direct Sellers – employees and volunteers selling on behalf of your charity, 100% of whose sales proceeds go directly to your charity. Please log in using the PayPal credentials used to enrol in the PayPal Giving Fund.

Frequently asked questions

What is a Direct Seller?

A Direct Seller is someone who is designated to sell "directly" on behalf of a charity and is included on the list of Direct Sellers for the charity. If you need to add or remove Direct Sellers, please ask the charity administrator who knows the PayPal account login credentials to go to the Direct Selling for Charity page where they can log in to access the relevant tools.

Benefits of using Direct Sellers include:

  • 100% of proceeds from selling an item go to the charity
  • No listing or final value fees are charged. Learn more.
  • All funds are deposited directly into the charity's PayPal account

What is the PayPal Giving Fund?

The PayPal Giving Fund is a registered non-profit that connects donors, businesses and charities in order to help charities raise new funds. eBay for Charity works directly with the PayPal Giving Fund to enable sellers to donate a portion of their sales and buyers to shop while supporting their favourite charity. It's a win-win opportunity.

Participation in the PayPal Giving Fund is free. They also provide donation and donor reports, issue tax receipts, and aggregate donations for monthly electronic distribution, as well as handling legal registration requirements. Learn more about the PayPal Giving Fund.

How do I know if my charity is enrolled in the PayPal Giving Fund?

Try searching for your charity using our Find a Charity tool. If you don’t find your charity in the list, make sure that your charity is already a PayPal Confirmed Charity, then follow the steps to enrol in the PayPal Giving Fund.

My charity is registered with PayPal but it’s not showing on eBay. What can I do?

You need to make sure you're enrolled in the PayPal Giving Fund. To clarify, PayPal has two different types of charity status: PayPal Confirmed Charity and PayPal Giving Fund.

You may have had your charity status confirmed, but you also need to enrol in the PayPal Giving Fund. After you enrol in the PayPal Giving Fund, your charity may take 1-2 days to appear in the list of charities on eBay.

I want to be a Direct Seller for this charity but I don’t know the PayPal login. What should I do?

You'll need to contact the administrator for the charity’s PayPal account and request that they add you to their Direct Sellers list by logging into the Direct Selling for Charity page.

I want to donate to this charity but I don’t want to be a Direct Seller, what should I do?

It’s easy. When you're listing an item, you can turn on the option to donate a portion to charity. You'll be asked to select a charity and the percentage you want to donate. To make it even easier, you can first create a list of your favourite charities by using our Find a Charity tool then tapping the heart icon to add it to your Favourites list.

When you donate a portion of your sales to charity, you'll get listing fee credits equal to the percentage you're donating. For example, if you donate 20% to charity, you'll get a 20% reduction in listing and final value fees. Learn more about listing fee credits.